Voice interference device to avoid non-voluntary recordings of conversations in meetings or through mobile phones.

What is VOB?

The management of personal and corporate information is increasingly important and determines the viability of any investment or company. It is well known that both businessmen and organizations are subject to constant involuntary interference, both through hackers, cameras and recording systems of conversations in meetings held in a certain place or through mobile phones.

To solve this problem and reduce any risk of exposure of our information to third parties, we present the VOB; A device that interferes with and blocks unauthorized microphones and prevents any type of mobile phone, digital recorder, or spy equipment from recording conversations.

The solution

To address the risk of data loss and privacy involved in meeting recording, BNS has a microphone blocking solution based on an encapsulated energy system generating ultrasonic waves at different frequencies, which completely saturates and eliminates the functionalities of everything. type of microphone within your working limits.

VOB prevents mobile phones, digital recorders, and spy devices from recording conversations. Helps the user to keep their information and conversations completely confidential. Unlike any product on the market, our 3D printing technology makes the presentation design of the VOB completely personalized and can be installed anywhere in a room, car, or you can simply take yourself anywhere necessary.

The main features of the VOB include the following:

  • Fixed or mobile solution.
  • Saturation of 2 different ultrasonic bands.
  • Multi-direction coverage to «light up» dark areas.
  • Large coverage area.
  • Personalized and imperceptible design in meeting rooms or offices.
  • Installation in cars, or in moving devices.
  • Operation with fixed electricity or battery.
  • Total confidentiality in the installation.
  • Do not breach any legal norm or regulation related to communications.

More information

Contact us and explain how we can help you; feel safe, at BNS we have complete respect for the confidentiality and professional secrecy clauses.

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