Completely secure and anonymous browsing through the Internet, free from intruders and unauthorized forensic analysis.

What is Spear?

Spear is a last generation solution created to surf the net in a secure and completely anonymous way; uses the latest technology in order to protect any type of breach or threat generated by hackers or by unauthorized monitoring systems.

With the Spear, you can navigate completely anonymously using a Content Glass Sphere, which gives you the ability to navigate without any fingerprint or history, even under the analysis of all types of forensic systems.

With Spear you can manage your personal and corporate information:

  • Browse free of risks, infections, viruses, malware, spyware and forensic activities.
  • Avoid spoofing, browsing history logging, and activity monitoring.
  • Avoid the risk of data exposure to Trojans or forensic activities.
  • Avoid exposing credentials to malicious websites.
  • Avoid archiving and monitoring of browsing data and passwords.

The solution

Spear’s operating system and control over hardware (phones, tablets and laptops) allows only reliable applications to run on the end device. Ensures that the user does not have any unauthorized plug-ins installed, such as a key logger, infected mouse or fake cable screen connected to the end point.

The browser and trusted applications run on a Content Glass Sphere which ensures that only authorized programs can be run as well as generates encryption of related data even while not in use.

100% anonymous browsing
Spear uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure that user activity is kept free from counterfeiting or any type of monitoring, or unauthorized forensic analysis.

  • Spear uses a set of 100% anonymous servers such as HideMe, NordVPN, ProtnVPN, HotspotShield, among others.
  • Spear processes navigation and makes traffic through the content sphere service anonymous.

100% safe browsing
When the user opens a window in his desktop browser, another one exactly the same is automatically executed in a separate browser located within a network of anonymous remote devices, over which he takes control through a secure streaming system that works as security filter and eliminates any type of threat on client devices.

This process, which is also carried out with a complex encryption system that protects the anonymity of navigation; It subsequently destroys all the user’s history and records when closing the window, generating total invulnerability to any attack.

In other words, the Spear literally downloads the code, executes it and processes it for secure browsing through encrypted streaming, keeping the traffic and records of the client’s devices intact.

More information

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