High precision metal detector and temperature measuring gate, developed, and designed with Israeli technology

What is Shield?

The Shield is a security gate that is used for the measurement of body temperature and metal detection with great precision. It was designed by BNS Security in partnership with Recognix, an Israeli leading company in biometric and image recognition, following the most demanding standards of quality, sensitivity, durability, and stability in the international security market.

It is the only security gate that has a multisensor measurement system for temperature and metals, which monitors in real time and with total reliability users of all sizes and in any type of environment, which in addition to increasing recognition levels, increases the speed of the security process, which helps eliminate queues or access delays without increasing the risk of false positives.

BNS Security not only develops security devices, but also has all the intellectual property rights of the products it markets.

We have a technology team in Israel with experience in the development of X-ray systems, facial recognition, fingerprint analysis and image processing. Our excellent capacity for technical development and system updating has led us to be at the technological forefront of the professional security sector.

How does it works?

Once the user crosses the Shield, the system measures body temperature with total precision from various invisible sensors, reconfirming the results from different angles, as well as detecting the precise place where metals are hidden through six sensors that minimize the false positives.

The security gate of BNS Security has been designed to be used in airports, train stations, official headquarters, cinemas, theaters, concert halls, hotels, shopping centers, among others; places that have a large inflow of public and that need to streamline security processes without increasing risks.

More information

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