Extraction, monitoring and analysis of information from open Internet sources and Dark Net.

The BNS OSINT (open source) intelligence reports are prepared by our group of analysts with proven experience both in the private sector and in Israel’s security institutions, which operate multilingual systems, state-of-the-art extraction and monitoring systems that analyze information published on the public Internet and the Dark Net through intelligence filters artificial.

Investigations and defensive strategies adapted to the needs of our clients in order to obtain a complete and objective vision of the risks and opportunities of a situation or conflict. Our main objective is to give our clients all the information tools sufficient for a shot to an appropriate decision-making and according to their interests.

What we do

Some of the applications of our information management service and OSINT intelligence are:

• Location and history of a certain person or company.
• Verification of the identity of a person or institution.
• Corporate, managerial and economic situation of a company.
• Relational situation of a person or company.
• Online reputation analysis.
• Detection of smear campaigns.
• Detection of cyber-bullying or scams.
• Assessment of the information security situation.
• Evaluation of market trends.
• Planning and implementation of preventive comprehensive security measures.
• Forecast of critical situations.

More information

Contact us and explain how we can help you; feel safe At BNS we have complete respect for the confidentiality clauses and the professional secrecy.

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