Forensic analysis

Safe extraction and analysis of information from computer equipment, telecommunications and drones.

BNS forensic or forensics service will help you retrieve and obtain valuable information through secure data extraction through state-of-the-art equipment used by Israel’s leading intelligence and investigative agencies, and obtain full judicial expertise reports detailed and valid at European level.

What we do

We have highly specialized professionals and state-of-the-art equipment that allow us to manage investigations and judicial expertise in all types of digital communication media such as servers, computers, mobile phones, tablets, and drones.

Some of the applications of our forensic analysis service are:

  • Judicial or extrajudicial cybercrime expert reports.
  • Cloning and total analysis of hard drives, mobile phones and drones.
  • Full recovery of information from hard drives, mobile phones and drones.
  • Counter-espionage.
  • Detection and analysis of information leakage.
  • Verification of the security of emails, messaging systems and social networks.
  • Analysis of the cybercrime damage situation.
  • Evaluation of the client’s real cybersecurity.

Technology used

BNS is officially accredited as forensic analysts by the Israeli brand CELLEBRITE, a world leader in forensic equipment and a technology provider to the security forces of various countries around the world.

UFED Ultimate and UFED PhysicalAnalyzer

BNS uses the UFED Ultimate system, which provides access to the widest range of mobile devices, applications and social media platforms, and combines it with UFED PhysicalAnalyzer’s advanced decoding software to obtain all digital data in the simplest and easiest way, fast and all within the legal limits in force.

With the UFED Ultimate and UFED PhysicalAnalyzer our analysts can:

Unlock devices with ease
Accelerate extraction time and avoid technical obstacles to access data from the widest range of devices.

Extract more data
Perform logical, file system, and physical extracts, and use proprietary boot loaders, advanced ADBs, EDLs, and other methods to get as much data as possible.

Convert encrypted data to actionable intelligence
Regroups device and app data in readable formats with advanced decoding capabilities, as well as analyzes unallocated space to retrieve hidden or deleted data.

Unify the data for a more thorough review
Consolidate device data from a variety of sources and formats, as well as get an organized and unified view of information.

Browse content in over 70 languages
It has a translation support in order to perform a quick analysis of non-native textual content in emails, SMS, text messages and chat while maintaining the source language along with the translation.

UFED Cloud Analyzer

In today’s sophisticated technical world, digital evidence often resides outside of physical devices. For this reason, BNS uses the UFED Cloud Analyzer tool, which allows extracting, preserving and analyzing domains, social media data, instant messaging, file storage, web pages and other cloud-based content through a highly efficient forensic process, all within the legal limits in force.

With the UFED Cloud Analyzer our analysts, based in Israel can:

Gather cloud-based and social data easily
We examine physical devices to access new sources of evidence hidden in social media and data files.

Complete requests for cloud-based data
Gather data with the proper legal authority from over 50 most popular social networks.

Capture and analyze public data
Access, analyze, and integrate available data, including location information, profiles, images, files, and social communications from popular apps.

Visualize data in a unified format
It normalizes different data sources in the cloud in a unified view to analyze them in schedule formats, file thumbnails, contacts or maps.

More information

Contact us and explain how we can help you; feel safe At BNS we have complete respect for the clauses of the confidentiality and the professional secrecy.

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