Vulnerability analysis, encryption of communications, intrusion test, (DLS) and secure information management.

Cyber ​​risks and cyber threats advance very fast, being today one of the greatest dangers to any organization. With BNS you will have the maximum transparent information possible of who, when, where and why they occur threats, as well as the most important thing: we will help you prevent them and neutralize them in the most efficient and confidential way on the market.

BNS has a professional team with proven experience and with the central technology services located in Israel; we have real monitoring capacity of all kinds of threats 24 hours a day, thus guaranteeing the quickest anticipation and reaction to any incident that may affect your person or organization.

What we do

The BNS cybersecurity consulting service generates fully customized corporate strategies, which encompass solutions ranging from vulnerability analysis, encryption of communications, intrusion test, (DLS) Data Loss Prevention, server management and secure workstations.

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Contact us and explain how we can help you; feel safe. At BNS we have complete respect for the confidentiality and secrecy clauses professional.

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