Cyber intelligence

Corporate intelligence, Brand Protection, Compliance, digital surveillance and risk prevention and identification.

Cyber intelligence helps prevent situations that affect personal activity or the legal, financial and commercial operations of a company. With BNS you will be able to know and control who, when, where and why threats occur, as well as what most important: we will help you prevent and neutralize them in the most efficient and confidential market.

The BNS cyber intelligence service is managed by a professional team with several years of experience and with operations in both European countries and in Israel. Our analysts located in Europe, Asia and Latin America will help you to prevent, detect and neutralize any type of situation that may hinder the security and efficient functioning of a person, institution or company.

What we do

With the use of the most advanced tools on the market and with the field experience at HUMINT in critical situations, BNS studies thoroughly each case, creates a personalized strategy and execute the plan of the most suitable and efficient action for the daily digital reality of each client.

Some of the applications of the BNS cyber intelligence service include corporate intelligence, brand protection, Compliance, digital surveillance, risk prevention and identification, as well as deletion of indexed content on the Internet.

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Contact us and explain how we can help you; feel safe At BNS we have complete respect for the confidentiality and secrecy clauses professional.

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