Cyber Intelligence and Cyber Security solutions

Strategic consulting and corporate cyber intelligence solutions, OSINT and forensic analysis of equipment and drones.

About us

BNS is an international team with more than 10 years of experience in management of critical information and advanced encryption systems in all kinds of supports, with operations in several countries and with the largest ability to customize solutions for institutional and corporate clients.

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What we do

End-to-end services for information monitoring, analysis and security fully customizable and scalable.


Extraction, analysis and investigation of information from computers, hard disks, phones, tablets and drones. Cellebrite Official Certification.

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Our products

Latest encryption, storage, and communication latest solutions, generation for secure voice and data management.


Rugged, cyber secure and encrypted vocal and text communication device and service.


Storage, encryption, filtering and access control to all your data in computers, servers or mobile phone.


Rugged endpoint and secure anonymous communication for surfing the web.



Voice blocking solution to prevent unauthorized digital recorders and eavesdropping devices.

Having problems?

Contact us and explain how we can help you. Feel safe, in BNS we have full respect for confidentiality and secrecy clauses professional.